Whakatane July Newsletter

Opotiki Club's 41st Birthday Dinner

Eight Whakatane members enjoyed fun and fellowship attending Opotiki’s 41st Birthday Dinner. Lois Watson and Jill Theobald who are Co -Presidents cut the cake which Jill made. Thank you Jill. Ina Murphy Whakatane won the awesome raffle.
A lovely evening. Thank you Opotiki

Poppy's Cafe

It was fitting to have our monthly dinner meeting changed to a casual lunch at Poppy’s Café as eight members were attending Opotiki’s dinner the next evening. Right –  Marian Pedersen and President Annette Steele.

Jenny Mahoney gave the Friend-ship bowl to Marguerite Timbs

Jenny Mahoney’s dessert


Since 2020 I have often thought of this photo of myself and my grandchild while visiting family in South Korea and reflecting on the need to wear a mask as it has been with covid. We are always aware of virus transmissions. The above picture in 5 degrees below, portrays a need for people to breathe comfortably with the temperature in that country. I acknowledge lots of you have travelled to countries with extremely low/high temperatures and have stories to tell.

Some good frosts lately for some of us and clear skies for stargazing. Melva P
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